What area does the North West Surrey Community First Responder scheme cover?

The North West Surrey CFR scheme covers Addlestone, Ashford, Byfleet, Chertsey, Claremont Gardens, Claygate, East Molesey, Egham, Englefield Green, Esher, Hersham, Hinchley Wood, Laleham, Long Ditton, St. Georges Hill, Thames Ditton, Staines upon Thames,, Sunbury, Thorpe, Virginia Water, Walton on Thames, West Molesey, Weston Green, Weybridge, and Whiteley Village.

Who runs the team?

CFR teams have a full support network employed by the Ambulance Service. One member of the team is elected as the Team Leader, their role is to organise cover, support team members by organizing training and assessments and keeping the kit appropriately stocked. The Team Leader also liaises between the team members and the CFR support and management, working for the ambulance service.

How much would I have to commit?

As there is big investment in training and equipment, the minimum requirement is 20 hours per month. This does not mean 20 hours of working but rather 20 hours of being on call and ready to drop everything to respond to an emergency. In addition to being on call, CFRs are expected to attend regular team meetings/training sessions every month (typically 3 hours).

Will I receive any payment?

No. The role is entirely voluntary. However as an ‘on call’ CFR you would only be called to emergencies close to your home.

Will I get a blue light for my car?

No. CFRs respond to calls that are local to where they live and must obey the Highway Code and the Road Traffic Act at all times.

Will I wear a uniform?

Yes. The North West Surrey scheme issues red uniformed polo shirts, emergency personnel tabards or Hi-Viz jackets and visible ID.

Who can be a CFR?

CFR’s must be:

Over 21 years of age and physically fit

Do I need any previous First Aid or Medical training?

No. All the training you require will be covered during the training course. Obviously if you have first aid experience then it will be useful but many people that become successful responders have never had any previous training.

Are there any emergencies to which CFR's would not be asked to attend?

Yes, emergencies that would be considered unsafe for them such as known violent situations. Also CFRs will not be sent to emergencies beyond the scope of their training (e.g. road traffic incidents).

Everyone talks about suing people these days, what happens if someone says I did it wrongly?

For someone to have any legal case they must first prove that your actions made the situation worse. When dealing with life threatening situations such as resuscitation, where someone who is left will certainly die, it is inconceivable how anyone could make the situation worse than it already is. Having said that CFRs are afforded the same legal protection as any other member of Ambulance Service staff.

How do I apply?

Please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Contact Us

Email: admin@weybridge-responders.co.uk

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